This year’s horror cinema, dissected: the FrightFest 2019 podcast

Satanic oppression was the story of this year’s UK horror film showcase – along with female survivorship, identity differences and the dangers of the internet. Hardy survivors Kim Newman, Anton Bitel and Virginie Selavy explore our latest demons in this critics’ roundtable post-mortem.

Virginie Sélavy


Discussed in this podcast

Demonic conspiracies and satanic possession in

  • For We Are Many (Lawrie Brewster, Andrew Ionides, Brad Watson, Mitch Wilson, Carlos Omar De Leon, Matthan Harris, Dane Keil, Mark Logan; UK)
  • Porno (Keola Racela, USA)
  • Ready or Not (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, USA)
  • Daniel Isn’t Real (Adam Egypt Mortimer, USA)
  • The Black String (Brian Hanson, USA)

The slipperiness of truth and safety online in

  • Death of a Vlogger (Graham Hughes, UK)
  • Deadcon (Caryn Waechter, USA)
  • Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary (Fabrício Bittar, Brazil)
  • Halloween Party (Jay Dahl, Canada)
  • The Drone (Jordan Rubin, USA)

Differences of sexuality, class and gender in

  • Spiral (Kurtis David Harder, Canada)
  • The Dark Red (Dan Bush, USA)
  • Satanic Panic (Chelsea Stardust, USA)
  • The Wind (Emma Tammi, USA)
  • Criminal Audition (Samuel Gridley, UK)
  • Why Don’t You Just Die! (Kirill Sokolov, Russia)

Female survivors in

  • A Good Woman Is Hard to Find (Abner Pastoll, UK)
  • Feedback (Pedro C. Alonso, Spain/USA)

Parental angst in

  • Freaks (Zach Lipovsky, Canada)
  • The Deeper You Dig (Toby Poser & John Adams, USA)
  • Knives and Skin (Jennifer Reeder, USA)

The monstrous in

  • Rabid (Jen & Sylvia Soska, Canada)
  • Depraved (Larry Fessenden, USA)

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