Choose your poison: the FrightFest 2018 critics’ roundtable post-mortem podcast

Gaspar Noé’s closing-night Climax set the tone for a horror bonanza that went big on spiked drinks, ghosts, nuns and dollhouses. We locked Anton Bitel, Kim Newman and Virginie Selavy in a room to chew it over.

Virginie Sélavy


Discussed in this podcast

Poison, spiked drinks and cautionary tales across

  • Climax (Gaspar Noé, France)
  • Ravers (Bernhard Pucher, UK)
  • Secret Santa (Adam Marcus, USA)

Family havens and rebuilding exercises in

  • The Witch in the Window (Andy Mitton, USA)
  • He’s Out There (Quinn Lasher, USA)
  • Hell Is Where the Home Is (Orson Oblowitz, USA)
  • Await Further Instructions (Johnny Kevorkian, UK)

Ghosts and monsters in

  • Tigers Are not Afraid (Issa López, Mexico)
  • Terrified (Demian Rugna, Argentina);

Nuns and religious rituals in

  • Luciferina (Gonzalo Calzada, Argentina)
  • St Agatha (Darren Lynn Bousman, USA)
  • The Devil’s Doorway (Aislinn Clarke, UK)
  • Heretiks (Paul Hyett, UK)

Dollshouses and manipulative child’s play in

  • The Cleaning Lady (Jon Knautz, USA)
  • Braid (Mitzi Peirone, USA)
  • The Laplace’s Demon (Giordano Giulivi, Italy)
  • Incident in a Ghost Land (Pascal Laugier, France/Canada)
  • Piercing (Nicolas Pesce, USA)

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