Shoot the Pianist

Original title: Tirez sur le pianist

Director: François Truffaut

Cast: Charles Aznavour, Marie Dubois

France 1960 | Black & White | 80 mins | Drama

Avaliable on: DCP, DVD

In a brilliant piece of casting, celebrated French chanteur Charles Aznavour stars in François Truffaut's whip-smart, scintillating second film – a combination of mischievous, tongue-in-cheek homage to American noir and effervescent, inventive Nouvelle Vague. Having left behind his life as a gifted concert pianist, Charlie sees out his downcast days tinkling the ivories in a dingy Parisian jazz bar.

One day, his brother Chico arrives, searching for sanctuary from a gang of crooks that he’s double-crossed. Charlie offers to help but soon finds his murky past catching up with him and before long is embroiled in an affair that he can no longer control.


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