love on the run

Original title: L'Amour en fuite

Director: François Truffaut

Cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud

France 1978 | Colour | 94 mins | Comedy

Avaliable on: DCP, DVD

In the fifth and final film surrounding the character of Antoine Doinel, François Truffaut resurrects his history and back story as he falls in love with Sabine who works at the local record shop.

What Antoine doesn't realise is that as his relationship with Sabine progresses, his former loves Christine and Colette will play a crucial role in his life once again. Because love is never simple.

A culmination of romance, comedy and the journey of Antoine Doinel, Love on the Run summates not only the character’s story but Truffaut's distinct style as an auteur. Witness the final lessons on love as seen through the director’s visionary eyes.


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