New ways of reaching audiences in distribution

Awards can be made to support distributors looking at new ways of reaching audiences, such as using new marketing techniques, new distribution platforms or innovative exhibition models. Case studies are required to share the learnings from these releases.

Case Studies

Film Distributor Release date Case study description
A Liar’s Autobiography Trinity Filmed Entertainment 8 Feb 2013 An event-driven simultaneous multiplatform release
No Network Distributing Ltd 8 Feb 2013 A multiplatform release with a reduced window strategy
Up There Wilder Films 16 Nov 2012 A release model using VOD, data capture and social and online activity to identify actual audience demand in advance of the UK release
Tortoise in Love Immense Productions 13 Jul 2012 A distribution strategy focusing on offering the film to rural and community cinema venues simultaneously to first run cinema screenings
7 Days in Havana Soda Pictures 7 Jul 2012 An experiential branding project in partnership with Havana Club
In Darkness
Case study 1
Case study 2
Metrodome Distribution Ltd 16 Mar 2012 A distinct release strategy looking to breakout a broad arthouse film into the UK Polish population. Two campaigns were used, one of which specifically targeted Polish audiences through media, outreach and online activity as opposed to just PR.
Ping Pong Britdoc Films 15 Mar 2012 A fully integrated distribution and outreach strategy, which targeted traditional arthouse audiences who could watch the film theatrically, and niche audiences who could watch the film non-theatrically (e.g. in care homes). This strategy would allow Britdoc to simultaneously deliver a successful (and ideally profitable) film release, whilst uniquely fulfilling the film’s originally intended positive social good remit.
The British Guide to Showing Off Verve Pictures 11 Nov 2011 A complementary social media marketing strategy to support the distribution of The British Guide to Showing Off, using key influencers and a themed Facebook gaming app
Sound It Out Glimmer Films 3 Nov 2011 Following a successful production crowd-funding campaign, the producers of this documentary experimented with further crowd funding as part of their nationwide theatrical self-distribution strategy
Life in a Day World in a Day Films 17 Jun 2011 An innovative online ‘micro-moguls’ marketing campaign that encouraged fans to market this unique film made from user generated footage, incentivising them with a 25% share of all tickets sold online.
New British Film Quarterly Soda Pictures various A case study on Year 3 of Soda Picture’s New British Cinema Quarterly (NBCQ) distribution scheme. The scheme aims to build consistent theatrical and digital audiences for four British films annually, not usually seen outside the festival circuit, by touring them around an established circuit of venues, supported by Q&As with talent.
Catfish Momentum Pictures 17 Dec 2010 Inspired by the social media and online themes of this documentary, the distributor trialled a multi-platform simultaneous release, launched with a satellite Q&A premiere in partnership with Lovefilm
Monsters Vertigo Distribution Ltd 13 Dec 2010 Foursquare-based competition
Another Year Momentum Pictures 5 Nov 2010 A multi-venue satellite screening, red carpet and Q&A event to widen the audience of the film’s premiere at the London Film Festival
Heartless Lions Gate UK Ltd 12 Oct 2010 Facebook polling ad campaign
Mr Nice E1 Entertainment UK 8 Oct 2010 Online competition and promotion
The Girl Who Played with Fire Momentum Pictures 27 Aug 2010 Multi-tiered digital campaign The Works UK Distribution 2 Jun 2010 ‘Put you and your friends in the movie’: Facebook app that inserted you and your friends pictures into a scene from the film
The Infidel Revolver Entertainment 9 Apr 2010 ‘Which Religion is the Funniest’: viral online comedy competition
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Momentum Pictures 12 Mar 2010 Audience response to the choice of watching the same foreign language film in either subtitled or dubbed form at the cinema.
Motherhood Metrodome Distribution 5 Mar 2010 ‘House Parties’: a multi tiered digital PR campaign including the opportunity to preview the film at home.
The Disappearance of Alice Creed CinemaNX Distribution Ltd 12 Feb 2010 ‘Win the Premiere’: online game and competition
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Momentum Pictures 13 Jan 2010 Multi-tiered digital campaign

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