Argento on Suspiria – a video inquiry

The master of giallo looks back on his horror masterpiece at 40.

Since its release in 1977, Dario Argento’s supernatural slasher Suspiria has gained a reputation as not just his own greatest work but, with its hallucinogenic storytelling, bravura set piece slayings and Goblin’s pulsating prog rock score, as one of the key horror films of all time. The 40th anniversary produced a valedictory world tour and stunning new 4K release which showcases the film’s vibrant Technicolour palette in all its deep red (and green, blue and gold) glory.

Sight & Sound caught up with Argento in London to discuss the many – including some highly unlikely – influences on Suspiria, why he broke away from the giallo thriller genre, his thoughts on working with women and how he influenced Goblin’s musical direction with an impromptu trip to Greece… And though Argento has talked many times about the film, this video sheds fascinating new light on his creative inspirations and whether he himself shares that view that Suspiria is his unequivocal masterpiece.

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