The best films of 2017 – all the votes

Browse all 188 international contributors’ entries in our round-up of the year’s best movies, television and other related moving-image art works.

The title may say ‘film’, but this is our no-holds-barred annual round-up of the best that the moving image had to offer in 2017, from films and video art to TV and VR – you name it (because we can’t). We invited a swathe of British and international critics and curators to choose the five works they saw this year that made the biggest impression on them – and rising to the top are some exciting new voices, visions and forms:

37 voters rated Jordan Peele’s Get Out one of their top five releases of the year – but what other genre films (and satires) made the list?

And with 31 voters picking David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks: The Return as one of their five highlights, was this the year long-form series television won over even diehard film critics? Or did Lynch break the mould again?

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