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The BFI releases up to 40 titles a year on DVD and in dual format editions.

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  • Film Noir Classics

    Four classic titles by Otto Preminger and Jules Dassin, delivering a heady dose of intrigue, moral ambiguity and stylish black and white photography.

    Otto Preminger

  • Five

    Richly poetic, radically minimalist film by celebrated Iranian artist Abbas Kiarostami, featuring five extended, seemingly single-shot sequences by the sea.

    World cinema

  • Frank Borzage Volume One: 7th Heaven, Street Angel

    Two lavishly produced landmarks of the silent period by visionary cinematic poet Frank Borzage.

    World cinema

  • Frank Borzage Volume Two: Lucky Star, Liliom

    Two classics by actor-turned-director Frank Borzage, which saw his transition from silent pictures to sound.

    World cinema

  • French Cancan

    Based on the story of Moulin Rouge founder Charles Zidler, Jean Renoir’s tale of an impresario’s commitment to his art is a masterpiece of Technicolor brilliance.

    Jean Renoir

  • George Washington

    A group of children find themselves caught up in a tragic lie when an innocent game goes horrifically wrong in this stunning first feature from David Gordon Green.

    World cinema

  • Gertrud

    Carl Theodor Dreyer’s final film centres on a woman who rejects the compromise of her marriage, suffers disappointment in her younger lover and retreats into a serene isolation.

    Carl Theodor Dreyer

  • Godzilla

    The definitive monster movie, both a bold metaphor for the atomic age and a thrilling tour de force of pioneering special effects.

    World cinema

  • Good Morning + I Was Born, But...

    Yasujiro Ozu’s cheerful comedy about the silliness of everyday chatter is presented alongside his early silent masterpiece.

    Yasujiro Ozu

  • The Hidden Fortress

    A story of rival clans, hidden gold and a princess in distress, The Hidden Fortress is a thrilling mix of fairy story and samurai action movie.

    Akira Kurosawa

41 - 50 of 124


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