City of Tiny Lights (2017)

Starring Riz Ahmed and Billie Piper, this London-set thriller is co-written by author Patrick Neate and based on his acclaimed novel of the same name.

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Working from Patrick Neate’s adaptation of his own novel, Pete Travis (Dredd, 2012, Omagh, 2004) delivers a taut, hard-boiled crime thriller set in contemporary multicultural London.

Tommy Akhtar (Riz Ahmed) is a private eye who lives with his father (Roshan Seth), a cricket obsessive who dissects games in crisp, precise RP English. When Melody (Cush Jumbo) approaches Tommy to find a friend who’s gone missing, he becomes embroiled in a case that stirs up his past and sets him against his neighbourhood’s radical mosque.

City of Tiny Lights is sharp genre cinema with rich topical musings, taking in the ruthlessness of commercial development in London, and multiculturalism’s successes and failures, while never sacrificing narrative drive.

Seth and Ahmed imbue the father and son relationship with great tenderness, while the rest of the cast, which includes Billie Piper and James Floyd, add depth and nuance. The result is a thrilling, modern London noir.

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