Trespass against Us (2017)

Three generations of the notorious Cutler family live as outlaws in the Cotswolds in this crime drama starring Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson.

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A car full to the brim with men and kids hurtles across a field in pursuit of a speeding hare. This is the Cutler brood, a gang of thieves with a thing for fast motors.

Pa (a glowering Brendan Gleeson) may be the king of the caravan-dwelling clan, but his heir Chad (Michael Fassbender on sparkling form) now has a family of his own and is torn between two life paths: the outlaw way, where his tightly-honed criminal skills are valued, and something else that might offer a different set of opportunities to his kids. Meanwhile, the cops (led by a weasely Rory Kinnear) are closing in.

Director Adam Smith’s (Don’t Think: The Chemical Brothers) excellent music-video pedigree is evident here as he injects thrills into full-throttle set pieces, whilst detailing the pull of familial bonds and the power games that men play with each other. The Chemical Brothers themselves provide the fresh and adrenalised soundtrack.

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