Early Man (2018)

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    Eddie Redmayne

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    France United Kingdom

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Alternative titles

  • Dug Working
  • Early Man Utd Working
  • Cro Man Alternative French


In prehistoric times, caveman Dug lives in a thriving valley community with his best friend Hognob and their fellow Stone Age tribe members, headed by their leader Bobnar. The tribe live in peaceful isolation from the rest of the world but their idyllic life is threatened when an army led by Lord Nooth, the greedy and rapacious governor of the Bronze Age town, invades the valley in search of bronze, forcing Dug’s tribe to flee to the inhospitable Badlands. To win back his tribe’s freedom, Dug challenges the Bronze Age town’s football team Real Bronzio to a football match. He travels back to the Badlands with Goona, an aspiring footballer stymied by the sexism of the Bronze Age town’s sporting structures, to prepare the tribe for the match.

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