Das Weisse Band Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte (2009)

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Alternative titles

  • Le Ruban blanc Alternative
  • The White Ribbon Alternative
  • Das Weisse Band Alternative
  • The Teacher's Tale Alternative
  • Das Weiße Band Alternative
  • Il nastro bianco Alternative
  • The White Tape Alternative


Drama set on the eve of the First World War in a small village in Northern Germany. The story is narrated by the local school teacher, and covers a series of disturbing "accidents" and malicious attacks, with aspects of retribution at their root, that take place over the course of a year. In the process it uncovers the private lives and characters of various inhabitants and families of the village, from the local baron and steward, the strict Lutheran pastor and the doctor, to farm workers, and the undercurrents of fear, repression, resentment, hatred and brutality that simmer under a respectable surface in both old and young.

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