Babel (2006)

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Three story strands from three different continents connect in a series of incidences. Disparate events and people connect in a mixture of mistakes, confusion, fear, and tragedy. Americans Richard and Susan travel to Morocco on a break after the death of a child, leaving their children to be looked after by a Mexican nanny. A goat herdsman in Morocco gives a rifle to his young sons for shooting jackals. However, the boys play with the gun and accidentally fire on the tourist bus in which Richard and Susan are travelling. Susan is seriously injured and it is believed the bus has been fired upon by terrorists. Meanwhile, Richard's children seem to have disappeared, as the nanny takes them with her to her son's wedding in Mexico and they get lost in the desert en route. In Japan a deaf-mute girl has to deal with her own anger and frustra tions which manifests itself in inexplicable behaviour.

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