Amores perros (2000)

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Alternative titles

  • De amor y de rabia Working
  • Love's a Bitch Alternative
  • Love Is a Bitch Alternative
  • Amours chiennes Alternative


Thriller. The narrative is split into three parts, linked by human obsession with the parallel world of dogs.

'Octavio and Susana' centres on a young man's love for his sister-in-law. Needing to make money, the young man, Octavio, becomes involved in the business of dog-fighting, until his dog is shot and wounded by a rival. Octavio finds himself in a car chase along with the wounded dog in the back seat, being fired at by his pursuers. In 'Daniel and Valeria', Daniel is a successful magazine publisher who leaves his family to go and live with a fashion model, Valeria. But Valeria is badly injured in an accident involving Octavio's car and her career could be over. Will their passion also be over? The last story, 'El Chivo and Maria', concerns a man who lives mainly on the streets, looking after a collection of mongrel dogs, but earning his money as a hitman. Hired to kill the business partner of a client, El Chivo is in the area when the car crash occurs and manages to save Octavio's wounded dog, an act which brings repercussions.

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