Gladiator (2000)

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Set in 180 AD, the story of a Roman general who, after winning a hard fought victory in a battle in Germania, is named by the reigning emperor as his successor. The emperor's son kills his father and orders the death of the general. Although he escapes, he is captured and forced into slavery and condemned to end his days as a gladiator.

In 180 AD, General Maximus defeats his enemies in a vicious battle, ensuring victory for the Romans. The reigning emperor, Marcus Aurelius, names the triumphant Maximus as his successor, incurring the wrath of his son, Commodus, who kills his father and orders Maximus to be put to death. Although Maximus escapes, he finds upon returning home that his wife and son are dead. Maximus is captured into slavery, where he is bought by Proximo, a gladiatorial 'entrepreneur', and hones his fighting skills, which are put to good use at the Empire's biggest arena - the Colosseum. Maximus becomes involved in a plan to topple Commodus with the help of a rebellious senator, Gracchus, and Maximus' ex-love, Lucilla - who is Commodus' sister.

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