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Alternative titles

  • A-FEI ZHENG CHUAN Alternative
  • DAYS OF BEING WILD Alternative
  • AFEI ZHENGZHUAN Alternative
  • AH FEI ZHENG ZHUAN Alternative


Set in Hong Kong in April 1960. Yuddy is a womanising playboy. When his foster mother Rebecca plans to emigrate to the United States, Yuddy forces her to reveal the identity of his true mother, a rich Chinese in the Philippines. He determines to visit her and breaks with his girlfriend and gives his car to his friend Zeb. When Yuddy arrives in Manila he finds that his mother refuses to see him. He gets drunk and loses his watch to a prostitute. Rescued by Tide, a policeman, they both find themselves in trouble when Yuddy double crosses a man who is supplying him with a false US passport.

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