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  • SUVARNAREKHA Alternative
  • The GOLDEN LINE Alternative
  • SUVARNA REKHA Alternative


Set in Calcutta, and centred around Ishwar, a young man and Sita his sister who live in a refugee camp together with Abhiram, an orphan. Years later, Abhiram and Sita elope to Calcutta as Ishwar opposes their marriage. When Abhiram dies in an accident, Sita is forced into prostitution. Meanwhile, Ishwar contemplates suicide but is disuaded from doing so by his friend Harprasad who persuades him to sample the life in Calcutta, culminating in a visit to a brothel. The devastated Sita discovers that her client is her brother and kills herself. At the end of the film, an aged Ishwar takes Sita's son by the hand to a new home by the river.

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