Winstanley (1976)

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  • Comrade Jacob Working


Set in 1649 and based on true events, tells the story of one man's vision that people could live together as equals and cultivate the land in peace and of the destruction of this dream. Following England's civil wars, a group of impoverished men and women known as Diggers form a settlement on St George's Hill in Surrey under the leadership of Gerrard Winstanley, an ex-soldier and cloth merchant ruined by the war. The video also includes `It happened here again' (1976, colour, 49 mins.) directed by Andrew Mollo, a record of the making of 'Winstanley', illustrating some of the difficulties of making a low-budget film and the degree of accuracy with costumes, implements and animals which the directors wanted to achieve (see BNFC, Vol. 14).

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