To Have and Have Not (1945)

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An American freelance boat captain Harry Morgan operates out of Vichy Martinique, hiring his boat out to tourists who wish to go sea-fishing, and looking after an old alcoholic companion, Eddie. He refuses to become involved in politics when several Free French approach him to hire him and his boat to smuggle in Resistance leader Paul de Brusac. A hard-up American girl, Marie, arrives, to whom Harry is attracted, and they strike up a flirtatious relationship. Both of them have run-ins with the authorities, especially after a tourist, Johnson, is accidentally shot and killed during a police raid on a hotel. Needing recompense for the lost money owed him by Johnson, and for Marie's plane ticket, Harry agrees to pick up the Resistance leader. After being fired at by a patrol boat, he lands a now-injured Paul and his accompanying wife and takes them to safety, tending to Paul's wound. Eddie is locked up by the authorities who try to get information from him by denying him drink. Harry rescues Eddie, and they and Marie escape from Martinique.

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