Guys and Dolls (1955)

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Romantic musical comedy. A top gambler, Sky Masterson, on a visit to New York, makes a $1000 bet with local crap game organizer Nathan Detroit that he can make any girl go to Havana with him. But Nathan nominates the upright Sarah Brown, of the Save a Soul mission, and Sky is at a loss as to how to induce her to join him. Nathan badly needs to win the bet, as he needs the money to rent a safe venue for an impending crap game which lots of high rollers are in town to attend. Nathan also faces trouble dealing with his girlfriend Miss Adelaide, lead showgirl at The Hot Box, who has told her family that they are married with five children. When Sky learns that the mission must attract some sinners or face closure, he sees the chance he needs to win his bet, but with his feelings for Sarah deepening, not all runs as smoothly as he has planned.

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