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    Jean Epstein

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    Non Fiction


Set amongst the kelp-gatherers working on Bannec island west of Ouessant. On the island two young men, Ambroise and Jean-Marie, have an argument over a broken bottle of wine and a missing knife. Ambroise falls ill through an when a cut on his hand caused by a piece of broken glass becomes infected. His colleages just think he is being lazy when he stops working and they ignore him. However, when Jean-Marie finds his missing knife and goes to see Ambroise he realises that he is seriously ill. They set out in a boat heading for Ouessant. Meanwhile, the Ouessant lighthouse keeper has noticed the lack of activity on the island and a boat with a doctor on board sets out. In spite of a fog, the two boats meet and Ambroise is treated successfully.

Supposedly based on a true story and acted by locals from Ouessant and the islands and the crews of the "Pampero" and the "Hermine".

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