Data and Digital Preservation teams

The data and digital preservation teams are responsible for defining and implementing the data models and standards used to describe the BFI National Archive collections in our Collections Information Database (CID), and the digital preservation policies, practices and workflows implemented in the Digital Preservation Infrastructure (DPI).

The Collections Systems Manager leads the team responsible for the Collections Information Database (CID) and its Collections Search interface, which offers an online entry point for searching all material held in the BFI National Archive. That team also runs the Archive’s Digital Preservation Infrastructure, a suite of systems for ingest, preservation and access to the digital collections.

The Information Manager is responsible for the standards and processes related to information about the BFI National Archives and the BFI cultural programme. They manage a team of information and documentation specialists who provide CID training and data standards support, and develop CID cataloguing guides. The team also document films that form part of the Cultural Programme, including the BFI Filmography, and produce the programme notes for BFI Southbank screenings.

The Digital Preservation and Data Manager defines digital preservation standards, policies and practices, and leads the implementation of workflows for validating, preserving and making accessible the born digital and digitised collections in the BFI National archive. They also run the diversity data analysis and interpretation work within the BFI Filmography.

The Collections and Information Developer creates and maintains software solutions and workflows to address the key challenges in acquiring, documenting, preserving, analysing and accessing BFI National Archive collections, often with an emphasis on automating high volume processes using the Application Programming Interfaces of the collections systems. Typically these are written in Python, and together they form an integrated digital collections infrastructure.

You can discover more about the work of the data team by reading the profiles of our team members below.

Information and Documentation

Sophie Walker, Information Manager
Patrick Fahy, Documentation Team Leader
Natasha Fairbairn, Information Specialist

Kevin Lyons, Documentation Editor
Elena Marcarini, Documentation Editor
James Taylor, Documentation Editor
Matthew Taylor, Documentation Editor

Collections Systems

Rob Scott, Collections Systems Manager
Louise McAward-White, Collections Systems Specialist
Sequoia Read, Collections Systems Specialist

Digital Preservation and Data

Lucy Wales, Digital Preservation and Data Manager
Andrew Sargeant, Digital Media Specialists Team Leader
Mat Fernandes, Digital Media Specialist
Joanna White, Digital Preservation Data Specialist
Michael Norman, Heritage 2022 Data Specialist

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