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Classroom resources for teachers

Teaching and learning materials for anyone teaching with, or about, film.

We support teachers in introducing students to specialist, independent and archive film by sharing knowledge, techniques and critical approaches. We do this by running courses and conferences and producing a range of teaching resources.

New! Revised basic teaching techniques

  • Basic Teaching Techniques (PDF)

    Basic Teaching Techniques (PDF)

    We have updated the Basic Teaching Techniques sections of our highly regarded Moving Images in the Classroom and Look Again resources (available in full below). Teachers have for many years found these helpful in beginning lessons that feature film, and they are now updated with new images.

Teaching resources

  • Sci-fi in the classroom

    Sci-fi in the classroom

    Time travel through film history, with our top ten must-see titles for young people.

  • Gothic in the classroom

    Gothic in the classroom

    We present 13 specially selected gothic films to see by the age of 13.

  • Black Star education

    Black Star education

    A collection of resources for a range of levels and subjects, inspired by the BFI’s Black Star season.

  • Screening Languages

    Screening Languages

    BFI Education has created materials with money from the London Mayor’s Schools Excellence Fund to support language teaching in secondary schools.

  • Film: a language without borders

    Film: a language without borders

    Resources to support this international project on cinema for refugee groups in school.

  • Victorian film in the classroom

    Victorian film in the classroom

    Lesson ideas and resources for History, English Literature and Language KS3 & 4, inspired by Victorian film.

Research and Advocacy

We recognise the importance of evidence-based practice, and prioritise research in areas where we are recognised as leading advocates:

  • Formal education
  • Programming for young and diverse audiences
  • Tracking outcomes from film education.

We always aim to advocate film education from a position of practical knowledge, formalised as research with recognised HE partners.

Useful links

More from BFI

  • BFI Screenonline

    BFI Screenonline

    Our online encyclopaedia of British film and television featuring hundreds of hours of film and television clips from the vast collections of the BFI National Archive.

  • Education FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about our education activities and resources.

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