Original title: This Our Still Life

Director: Andrew Kötting

Cast: Eden Kötting, Leila McMillan

UK 2011 | Colour | 57 mins | Documentary

Avaliable on: DCP

A new film by Kötting is cause for celebration, and his deliciously eccentric latest is a lovely portrait of the artist’s daughter as a young woman in their tumbledown Pyrenean farmhouse. Last seen in Gallivant (1996) as a plucky kid touring the coastline of Britain with her Big Granny, Eden, now 23, is here shown painting still lifes and singing along to the radio as the seasons ebb and flow around her. Reminiscent of Stan Brakhage’s Dog Star Man, this lo-fi marvel features music by Scanner’s Robin Rimbaud.

Also includes short, Hoi Polloi (Dir. Andrew Kötting | UK 1990 | Black & White | 10mins)