Director: Humphrey Jennings

Cast: Various

UK 1941-1943 | War

Avaliable on: DVD

Widely considered to be one of Britain’s greatest filmmakers, Humphrey Jennings has long been celebrated as the director of works which beautifully capture the everyday heroism in times of war and peace. This, the second of three volumes which collect together Jennings’s entire output, gathers 5 films from 1941 -1943 including his masterpieces Listen to Britain and Fires Were Started.

Contains: 'The Heart of Britain' UK 1941, 'Words for Battle' UK 1941| 8mins, 'Listen to Britain' UK 1941| 20mins | Cert U, 'Fires Were Started' UK 1943 | 80mins, The Silent Village UK 1943| 36mins | Cert U