The Europeans

Director: James Ivory

UK 1979 | Colour | 90 mins

Avaliable on: DVD

Adapted from a Henry James novel of the same name, this is an earlier work from the Merchant-Ivory partnership and has an indie vibe as it chronicles the effect of a bohemian sibling duo on their more conventional distant relatives. An encounter between a family of pre-Civil War New Englanders and their European cousins, whose sophisticated ways dazzle and attract some family members and scandalize others. The fortune-hunting Baroness Eugenia Muenster (Lee Remick) arrives with her artistic and dashing brother Felix (Tim Woodward) for a transatlantic visit with their cousins, the Wentworths. Less calculating than his sister, the bohemian, Felix falls for Gertrude Wentworth (Lisa Eichhorn), who is already being courted (and bored) by the earnest Unitarian Minister suitor Mr Brand (Norman Snow). Eugenia meanwhile sets her sights on the reserved and attractive Robert Acton (Robin Ellis), who is torn between his captivation with the Baroness and his distrust of her European worldliness.