Director: Thomas Vinterberg

Cast: Ulrich Thomsen

Denmark 2016 | Colour | 111mins | Comedy

Avaliable on: DVD

Inspired by his own childhood experiences, The Commune is new comedy-drama by BAFTA-nominated director Thomas Vinterberg (Festen, The Hunt) who reunites with writer Tobias Lindholm (The Hunt, A Hijacking)

In the early-70s, successful professor of architecture Erik inherits a large mansion in suburban Copenhagen and decides to set up a commune with his wife Anna and daughter Freja. Together they invite friends, acquaintances and strangers to live with them, creating a melting pot of left-wing ideas and new familial bonds. But when Erik begins an affair with Emma, a beautiful young student from his course, the spirit of free love that formed the foundations of the commune will threaten to bring it all tumbling down.

By turns witty, moving and poignant, The Commune is an insightful portrayal of human relationships performed by a stunning ensemble cast, most notably Trine Dyrholm, who was awarded the 2016 Berlin Silver Bear for Best Actress for her performance as Anna.