Original title: Captured

Director: John Krish

UK 1959 | Black & White | 65mins

Avaliable on: DVD

Never commercially released before and previously only shown to a highly restricted audience of top military brass from the Ministry of Defence, Captured  is a stunning Prisoner of War drama and a lost gem of British post-war filmmaking. Directed by cult British director John Krish, the film was sponsored by the Army Kinematograph Corporation. This tightly plotted drama shows British POWs enduring brainwashing and torture during the Korean War, thereby revealing what a soldier could expect if he was ever captured by enemy forces.The latest release in the BFI's acclaimed Flipside strand, Captured is accompanied by other rarities from John Krish H.M.P. (a 1978 fly-on-the-wall documentary about the prison service) and Krish's celebrated 1977 public safety short Finishing Line. All of these films have been transferred to HD by the BFI from the very best available film materials.