Directors: Quay Brothers, Christopher Nolan

Cast: Quay Brothers, Christopher Nolan

UK/USA 2015 | Colour | 65min

Avaliable on: 35mm

Two of the world’s most original filmmakers, the identical Quay Brother twins, have been making their unique blend of puppetry and stop-motion animation for over 30 years, spawning an enormous cult following and many high profile admirers, from Terry Gilliam to Christopher Nolan. A passion for detail, a breath-taking command of colour and texture, and an uncanny use of focus and camera movement make their films unique and instantly recognizable. Best known for their classic 1986 film Street of Crocodiles, they are masters of miniaturization and their tiny sets create a landscape of long-repressed childhood dreams. A collection of three new 35mm prints of their work, alongside a brand new short from Christopher Nolan revealing the inner workings of their studio.

In Absentia (Dir. Quay Brothers, UK 2000, 19 mins), Quay (Dir. Christopher Nolan, USA 2015, 8 mins), The Comb (Dir Quay Brothers, UK 1990, 17 mins), Street of Crocodiles (Dir Quay Brothers, UK 1986, 21 mins)