The first ever DVD release of the highly acclaimed BBC TV series.

Werewolves, vampires and ghosts haunt the living in this long-awaited double-disc presentation of the much sought-after BBC horror series Supernatural. Originally broadcast on BBC1 in 1977 and rarely seen since, this classic series ran for eight terrifying episodes. In each, a different prospective member of the Club of the Damned is required to tell a story that will chill the blood of the club’s members, and their application for membership would be judged on how frightening the story was. Failure to induce terror in all who attend would lead to the death of the storyteller…

A timeless example of British Gothic horror at its best, Supernatural boasts a superb cast of acting talent, including Billie Whitelaw, Jeremy Brent, Robert Hardy, Gordon Jackson, Sinead Cusack, Denholm Elliott and Ian Hendry.

Disc one
1. Ghosts of Venice with Robert Hardy and Sinead Cusack
2. Countess Ilona with Billie Whitelaw, Ian Hendry and Edward Hardwicke
3. The Werewolf Reunion with Billie Whitelaw, Ian Hendry and Edward Hardwicke
4. Mr Nightingale with Jeremy Brett and Lesley-Anne Down

Disc two
5. Lady Sybil with Denholm Elliott
6. Viktoria with Catherine Schell and Judy Cornwell
7. Night of the Marionettes with Gordon Jackson, Kathleen Byron and Vladek Sheybal
8. Dorabella with Jeremy Clyde

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