The Canterbury Tales

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s adaptation of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the middle film in his Trilogy of Life series.

The second part of Pasolini’s Trilogy of Life plunges with gusto into dark and bawdy tales which celebrate almost every conceivable form of sexual act with a rich, earthy humour. Presented here in a transfer from the original negative, and with special features including alternative audio options, and a new documentary on Pasolini and the Italian genre film. Pasolini himself has a cameo appearance in this playful film, presented here in a new high definition restoration.

Special features

  • Alternative English-language version presented with English version inserts.
  • Original Italian trailer.
  • Exclusive new documentary exploring Pasolini’s significance to the Italian genre film.
  • Fully illustrated booklet including essays, reviews and biography.
  • Dolby Digital mono audio (320kbps) throughout.

Product information

    • Certificate


    • Colour


    • Sound


    • Running time


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    • Original aspect ratio


    • DVD region

      • 2 Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland, French Overseas departments and territories

    • Blu-ray region

      • B - Includes most European and Middle-Eastern countries, all of Africa, Australia and New Zealand

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