BFI Filmography

The complete story of UK film 1911 to the present.

The BFI Filmography is a groundbreaking project which compiles, for the very first time, a comprehensive list of UK feature films released to cinemas from the beginning of film history until now. Each of these films also has detailed information about the people and companies involved in making it, the year of release, genre, and much more. So, as well as having a broad overview of the UK film industry, we have been able to map other information onto this data e.g. gender, to enrich it and provide unique insights into UK film history unlike ever before. This information should be of interest to film buffs, journalists, researchers, or anyone with an interest in UK film and/or history. It is searchable with shareable data visualisations on our dedicated BFI Filmography web platform or record by record on our Collections Search.

The Filmography is a dynamic resource, and the underlying data is constantly being reviewed and updated. If you spot something you think needs clarifying or changing please let us know. FAQs and methodologies are available below.

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