Strategic priority one

We want to encourage people to build a lifelong relationship with film, to help build audiences for a broader range of films across all platforms and to ensure that film culture can be accessed and enjoyed by everyone across the whole of the UK.

To achieve this, we will implement a strategy for education and learning which is intrinsically linked to our plans for boosting audience choice.

The Long Day Closes (1992)

The Long Day Closes (1992)

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About this priority

Our New Horizons consultation told us that respondents wanted the strategy for education and learning to be as comprehensive as possible, to emphasise that film has value as a teaching tool for a variety of subjects as well as having value in its own right, and that we need to provide support for teacher training. Respondents also wanted our strategy for boosting audience choice to include the multiplex as well as independent cinemas, to provide equal access for all and to involve collaboration with the broadcasters. We have incorporated all these points in our plan.

This strategy is a long-term intervention designed to invest in tomorrow’s film lovers and to deliver a substantial change in the choice of film experiences available to audiences. Developing a greater appreciation of the richness and diversity of film culture available to audiences across the UK, this strategy will contribute to increasing the cultural and economic success for British independent film. In the digital age, we also have the opportunity to capitalise on radical new ways of learning and bringing greater film choice to audiences as never before.

Education and learning

Film has the power to transform the way we see and understand the world. Our aim is to ensure that everyone, particularly young people, wherever they live, can develop a lifelong relationship with film. We want young people from all backgrounds, who are the next generation of audiences and filmmakers, to have the opportunity to learn about, enjoy and fully appreciate the widest possible range of film.

We are particularly seeking to develop innovative new partnerships with the private and public sector right across the UK to inject fresh thinking and bring new investment to achieve the breadth of ambition in this strategy. This includes partnerships with organisations whose focus is working with young people, with the film industry and digital media companies.

Boosting audience choice

We want to provide a greater depth and breadth of film and to increase choice to audiences across the UK and to link this to our investment in education and learning. Research has established that children who regularly go to the cinema are three times more likely to attend more frequently as adults. People throughout the UK love watching films. However, the choice of film available to audiences is narrower than it should be. This is especially true outside of central London where on average only 7% of screens are dedicated to specialised film.

Additionally, amid the growing complexity of the digital world, there is a danger that it will be increasingly difficult for audiences to pick out and find the film they seek. In this environment, the visibility and availability of British film in cinemas and online suffers and potential economic success is not maximised. Our strategies aim to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

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