Research and diversity

Our mission is to ensure that film is central to our cultural life.


The rapidly changing digital environment is transforming patterns of consumption and challenging traditional business models but new innovative approaches require a solid evidence base. The £4.0m Research fund will support research into UK film, film audiences and the wider cultural, educational and economic value of film.

The fund will be used to develop a research programme across the three strategic priorities of the BFI, and we will look to foster research and knowledge collaboration between the BFI, industry, academia and other film stakeholders.

Sharing the knowledge created by this research programme will raise the level and quality of debate and new thinking on the evolving financing, production, distribution and consumption models and will lead to a better understanding of the social, cultural and educational value of film.


Diversity is one of the BFI’s key priorities. We aim to help the UK film industry build a more diverse workforce both behind and in front of the camera. We want to help enable all groups within our society to participate in and enjoy film culture as audiences and learners and also help to ensure that equality and diversity commitments are fully integrated into every aspect of all core BFI activities.

Our objective is to help build a more diverse and inclusive workforce and film culture. In order to help achieve this we will help to:

  • Nurture a diverse range of UK film talent.
  • Integrate equality and diversity commitments into all BFI activities and monitor their impact.
  • Provide practical tools and information to encourage our partners and the industry more generally to promote diversity.
  • Support initiatives designed to give people from minority ethnic groups, people with disabilities and women equal opportunities to get into and succeed in the UK film industry.

Responsibility for equality and diversity is shared across the Board, Executive and staff of the BFI as well as with organisations that supported by the BFI. Over the coming months we will develop our Diversity strategy with partners across the UK and launch a new £0.2m Diversity fund which will help provide:

  • A business culture and ways of working that support equality of opportunity and diversity in the film sector.
  • Support for practical initiatives to help the sector to raise its game on diversity issues.
  • Equality and diversity – proofing BFI funding criteria and application processes.
  • Support for initiatives aimed at creating clear and accessible paths for entry into and progression in the UK film sector.
  • Support for activities that actively champions and celebrates the diversity of film, filmmakers and audiences for film in the UK.

Applications will open later in 2014.

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