Overview of funding programmes

Here are the key Lottery funding programmes the BFI will be running through to 2017.

Lottery programmes are either open programmes or set deadline programmes. Open programmes can be applied for at any time, set deadline programmes are programmes which have publicised calls for applications.

The funding available is per annum unless otherwise stated.

    BFI Audience Fund  
  BFI Audience Network (and Community venues) Film Festivals Fund Programming Development Fund
Funding available £3.0m
UK Audience Network: £2.5m
Community venues: £0.5m
£1.0m £1.5m
Type Set deadline programme Multi-year award and open programme Open programmes Open programmes
Apply from Network: October 2012 Community venues: 2013 Jan 2013 2013
Deadline Network: January 2013 Community venues: September 2013 Ongoing Ongoing
Decision From March 2013 From January 2013 From June 2013
Summary The UK Audience Network will aim to increase the breadth and depth of film available to audiences and help to develop 1,000 community venues for film across the UK. The Festivals Fund will have two priorities. The first will be funding for regional festivals. The second will be to enhance film festivals in the UK that have an international reach and profile. The Programming Development Fund aims to support the UK Audience Network enhancing audience choice by enabling exhibitors to back more adventurous programming.
  BFI 5-19 Education Scheme BFI Distribution Fund
Funding available £7.0m (plus £3.0m over three years 2012–15 from the Department for Education in England for the Film Academy) £4.0m
Type Set deadline programme Multi-year award Open programme
Apply from August 2012 Current schemes for P&A awards are open for 2012 and new schemes will be open from April 2013
Deadline November 2012 Ongoing
Decision December 2012 Ongoing
Summary The new education offer targeted at 5–19 year olds across the UK to promote watching, making and understanding film:
An interactive online platform which will enable users to watch films, use rich content and information to gain a greater understanding about film and provide information on how to make and edit films.
A club in every school across the UK linked to education programmes in cinemas and outreach programmes for young people that fall outside of the traditional education system.
The BFI Youth Academy will discover and support exceptionally talented young people.
The Distribution Fund will encourage release plans that give audiences greater access to a wide range of independent British and specialised film and support new and innovative ideas that embrace ambitious digital opportunities.
  BFI Film Fund BFI International Fund BFI Film Skills Fund & BFI Business Development Fund
Funding available £21.6m (2013/14), £24.6 (2016/17)
In 2013/14 the split of funding will be as follows:
Production £15.1m
Development £2.15m
New Talent Network £2.1m
Vision Awards £1.25m
Targeted Development Programmes £1.0m
Inward Investment: £0.45m
Export £0.75m
Skills & Business Development: £4.85m
Capital Fund: £1.25m (£5m over 4 years)
Type Open programme Targeted and open programmes Open programmes
Apply from Current schemes for Production and Development are open for 2012 and new schemes will be open from April 2013 2013 April 2013
Deadline Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Decision Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Summary The Film Fund supports emerging or world- class filmmakers in the UK who demonstrate the ability to create distinctive and entertaining work. Investment will be across the development, production and completion of feature films, and by supporting talent. Two strands of funding will be made available for inward investment and for export to support the BFI international strategy. A priority will be activity to bolster growth and cultural and trade relations with Brazil, China and the United States. The BFI will develop a new UK-wide film skills strategy with Creative Skillset in key areas such as developing new and quality talent, skills for the future and entrepreneurship, and business skills.
Capital funding will help our world-class film schools to invest in vital development to ensure talent is supported.
Working with Creative England, Business Development funds will provide seed funding to enable businesses to develop their ambitions for growth.
  BFI Archives for the Future
Funding available £3.0m (average per annum) Selection, Preservation, Digitisation and Access
Type Targeted and one-off awards
Apply from 2013
Deadline Ongoing
Decision Ongoing
Summary The long-term goal is to make the UK’s entire screen heritage digitally accessible.
The BFI will digitise and make available 10,000 significant works and to help provide access across a broad range of platforms. Funding will be available to archives and rights-holders across the Nations and Regions of the UK.
  BFI Research and Diversity
Funding available £1.2m
Research: £1.0m
Diversity: £0.2m
Type Solicited programmes
Apply from 2013
Deadline Ongoing
Decision Ongoing
Summary The Research funds will support research into the UK film industry and the cultural value of film. A priority of the research will be systematic policy and programme evaluation to assist decision- making by Government, BFI and other stakeholders. We aim to meet the quality standards set out in HM Treasury’s ‘Magenta Book’ (2011) and to make analyses widely available to inform the development of future film policy interventions. Research-led knowledge will be integral to the support of digital innovation and other inititiaves to help future-proof film.

The Diversity funds will help promote equal access, participation and strengthening cultural diversity. It will also enhance access for people with sensory impairments and fund pilots for disabled people.


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